You Get an App! And You Get an App! And You Get an App!: 3 Ways That Apps Can Strengthen Your Business

It’s an App World Out There

Our love of the mobile app seems to be exponential. 

From grocery apps to workout apps, they have filtered into every area of our lives.

We have apps to put us to sleep.

 And apps to wake us up. 

Apps to pay bills.

Apps to manage our investments.

Apps to connect with friends.

Apps to communicate with co-workers.

Apps to read books with.

And of course, apps to listen to our favorite playlist.

I mean we just really, really heart apps.

There are over 3.84 million apps for download on the Google play store.

And yours could be next. 

In an app happy world, developing a mobile app could be the most impactful and innovative way to strengthen your business. 

1. Strengthen Your Customer Connections

As a growing business, your customers are your number one concern. Offering them products and services that impact their lives in a positive way is exactly what you are looking to do.

You may be brainstorming about how you can get your awesome products into your customers’ hands conveniently and effectively

How about looking at what they are actually holding in their hands? A cell phone.

According to Pew Research, 97% of all Americans own a cell phone.

So. Many. Phones.

Walmart found that interfacing with their customers via mobile app opened up a wave of new opportunities for connection and growth. Early on during the pandemic, when in-person shopping was discouraged, Walmart stayed connected with its customers.

As a valued customer, you were able to shop with your fingertips using Walmart’s easy-to-navigate mobile app. You were able to order groceries for delivery or parking lot pickup. 

Not only did you not have to step foot inside the store, but you were also able to customize your ordering process. You could schedule pickup and delivery windows that were convenient for you. You could even alter your order and add to it for up to a certain time after purchase.

Walmart stays in contact with you via app notifications throughout the process. 

If you order delivery, you receive notifications when your groceries have been dropped off on your doorstep. 

As a pick-up customer, you are notified when your order is ready. 

You can send your own in-app notifications, letting your store know that you are on your way to pick up your groceries. This gives the store an approximate arrival time based on your location.

Walmart fine tunes the pickup process even further by noting your arrival. You asked about the color of your vehicle and the space number that you parked in.

Your groceries are brought to your car and quickly loaded for a contactless delivery. 

With your in-app account, you can manage your receipts and returns. If a piece of produce was damaged or overripe, you can get reimbursed with the tap of your finger.

Walmart cultivates multiple interactions with each customer during the purchase process. Connection upon connection.

It’s kind of inspiring, isn’t it?

Think about how you communicate with your own customers. Is it by phone? Via email? 

How often and how impactful are those connections? Are your resources easily available to them? Or does it take a day or two or even a week for you to be able to respond?

With your own app, customers can access your products quickly. Information about your services is a finger tap away. FAQs are answered in a moment. 

That customer connection is built up quickly and easily. With those frequent interactions, they are also regularly exposed to the power of your brand.

2. Strengthen Your Brand

What is it about your business and brand that makes you stand out? 

What makes you interesting as a company?

How are you different from your competition?

What are your core values and corporate strengths?

All of these questions can be answered in your app. 

Building your unique brand is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged.

Having your logo ever-present on your customers’ screens is a daily reminder of your presence and importance in their daily life.

Your voice and tone come through each time they interact with one of your app features. 

For Walmart, sharing their great value is key. Their motto, “Save Money. Live Better.” is apparent in every app feature. Prices are notably slashed. There are different sale items every week. 

You can highlight the benefits of your business and your stellar services in an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate manner. And this all goes towards strengthening your bottom line. 

3. Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Did you know that phone apps are expected to bring in over 935 billion dollars in 2023? Amazing, right?

Buying via app is an easy way to research a product and find out more about what you are purchasing. Knowing more about a product you are interested in informs your buying experience.

Forbes says, “According to a 2019 survey, it was found that more than 57% of consumers in the U.S. used a mobile app to find out more information about a product or service, with more than 51% of those inquires leading to a conversion.”

While many still enjoy an in-store shopping experience, in-app revenue is growing by leaps and bounds.

Walmart’s Q2 e-commerce earnings in 2020, were up by 97%. Those figures continued to rise in the 3rd quarter. While these numbers were influenced by the pandemic, it is easier to see how the convenience of the app helped customers choose online purchasing over going into the store for groceries.

Walmart continues to use its app to build out revenue. It now offers Walmart+, a membership program of $12.99-a-month or $98-a-year, which includes unlimited free grocery delivery, member-only gas prices, and early access to special deals and promotions.

Adding a membership-based fee with perks and bonuses to your own app could further cement your customer bond, increase your revenue, and stimulate brand recognition.

It just keeps getting better and better, right?

Have We Got an App for You

CCB would love to partner with you in creating an amazing app that fits your company and your core values. Our team can tailor your app to your customer base, highlighting your company’s best features. From conception to roll-out, we customize every feature to shine a light on your unique services and products, with an eye for customer experience. CCB can help you strengthen your customer connections, brand, and revenue.

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