Our Story

CCB Marketing founders, Brian and Fran Boyd, are changing
the digital marketing arena with their boutique company’s
unique approach of pairing custom-fit marketing
strategies with a relational foundation.

Brian and Fran have used their background in communications and technology to craft a portfolio
of creative strategies, consistent results, and brand excellence for each of the companies they work with.

CCB Marketing origins are anchored in a pivotal time in history.

Brian & Fran

In their free time, Brian and Fran love spending time with their children, Sarah and Brian Jr., who are both New Yorkers working for Fortune 500 companies. Brian and Fran have passion for travel, delicious food, and running.

Fran, a cancer survivor, has run over 25 marathons since her treatment in 2013 and has received the Abbot World Majors Medal for completing the world’s top 6 marathons. Brian, also a marathoner, finds joy keeping up with the latest tech and gadgets on the market. Brian and Fran’s perfect day includes taking Coco, the cutest dog in the world, on walks in Central Park.

Build out your network. Engage with your customers.
Achieve measurable marketing results. Establish brand excellence.