CCB Marketing is a global digital marketing company with a rich history in corporate and non-profit marketing strategies.

Our origins, founded in the mid-2000’s, are anchored in the twin principles of helping you nurture an authentic connection with your audience while building out brand excellence in the marketplace.

As creative strategists in the marketing arena, CCB comes alongside your company to align your vision and mission with your digital marketing goals. CCB partners in your success by assessing your entire marketing plan, from your social media platforms and web development to your C-level marketing strategy. CCB intentionally curates a marketing plan for you that will build your brand, strengthen your online presence, and establish you as a thought leader in your industry and sphere of influence.

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Social Media Strategy
And Execution

From concept to execution, CCB Marketing offers full-spectrum social media management. We mix innovative ideas with up-and-coming trends to produce tangible results, while taking your digital marketing to new heights.

Our social media services include:

  • Strategy Optimization
  • Brand Realignment
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Results Driven Reporting

Digital Advertising

Traditional and paid media go hand-in-hand. We enhance your advertising impact by creating a cohesive effort through your social media platform and email marketing campaigns. We maximize your advertising dollars through targeted campaigns to help you reach your core audience and tap into new markets.

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Custom Email Lists
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO
Digital Advertising
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Email Marketing Strategy

Your email customer lists and prospect lists are your direct connection to those who want to hear from you and buy from you. We help you navigate the ins-and- outs of email marketing changes and sales offers, while building out continued customer relationships so they know, like, and trust you.

  • Evaluation/Recommendation/Management of Email Service Provider
  • Development of Sign Up and Email Acquisition Strategy
  • Creation of Template/Workflow for Automated Drip Campaigns
  • Creation of List Segments/Profiling/ Marketing Content Concepts
  • Messaging Design, Communication Forms and A/B Testing
  • Trigger and Events + Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurturing Tactics and Personalization

C-Level Marketing Strategy

Partnering with C-suite executives is our specialty. Streamlining your company brand requires an eye for detail when it comes to your current marketing and sales practices. We build on your current company wins, strategize to strengthen areas in your marketing blueprint that need support, and brainstorm with your team to develop a niche-marketing plan that will bring growth, success, and results.

  • Social Media Audit
  • Ad Optimization
  • Collateral Audit
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Proofing
  • Story/Brand Development
  • Style Guide Creation
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Media Support

CCB has worldwide resources which allow us to ensure that your digital marketing is working for you, 24/7. From live events to producing the perfect podcast, our team can get you into the homes and hearts of your core demographic.

  • Video Production for Live Events
  • Single or Multi-Camera Video Production
  • Podcast Production and Distribution
  • Animation for Web or Video Broadcast

OTT Development

Our Over-The-Top solution delivers video content straight to the viewer on multiple devices. Traditional media distribution is time consuming and expensive. We cut out the middleman by curating the video content you provide and making it accessible anytime, anyplace. We offer video on demand, a 24/7 customizable “TV” stream, live streaming, and app creation, pairing this all with a social media and ad strategy to market your OTT channel to the right audience. With our web development team on hand, embedding your stream onto your website or landing page is effortless, and creating revenue opportunities is made possible through digital ad space.


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Web Development

Your website communicates your message, your brand, and your unique story to the online community. By working with our expert crew of web developers and designers, your website will be a credible source of information, highlighting all that you offer as a company, conveying brand excellence, and creating an easily navigated online experience.

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Full Website Development
  • Graphic Design/Video
  • Sales Platform Integration
  • Social Media Incorporation/ Synthesis

Collateral Design and Development

Your sales and marketing collateral spotlight your company services and industry offerings to the world. We develop your style guide and brand voice in a way that is recognizable, informative, and polished. Each one-sheet, infographic, and sales deck dovetails neatly, presenting a cohesive look and feel to your company’s collateral, both online and in print.

  • Sales and Marketing One-Sheet Creation
  • Style Guide
  • Company Language Development
  • Infographics
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Collateral Branding
  • Sales Decks
  • Promotional Packs
  • Training Manuals
  • Logo Creation
  • Iconography
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Public Relations Integration

Public Relations Integration

We offer media relations through our longtime partner/consultant, Roslan & Associates Public Relations, which enables us to provide seamless integration between our clients and the nation’s top media outlets. Chris Roslan and his team have developed comprehensive strategies for clients around the world-from Emmy award-winning national television networks to New York Times best-selling authors–as well some of the most influential political, religious, food, and business leaders in America today.

  • Provide personal attention and professional service
  • Implement successful, strategic campaigns that exceed client expectations
  • Maintain a wide network of personal contacts, offering the broadest possible media exposure for our clients

Digital Marketing Audit

CCB Digital Marketing Audit offers a comprehensive service to elevate your digital marketing strategies and ensure they align with your financial goals while maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS).

Here’s a concise overview of what the audit entails:

  • Tailored Expertise: CCB assigns experienced specialists to analyze
    your social media channels, providing a customized report on your digital footprint.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: The
    audit scores your accounts from 1 to 5 across various dimensions like strategy, execution, aesthetics,
    messaging/voice, content, and engagement, pinpointing strengths
    and areas for improvement.

Strategic Insights: Based on a competitive analysis, CCB offers actionable recommendations to
refine your digital marketing efforts, covering aspects such as social media, email automation, UX/UI design, website analytics, and more.

Flexible Collaboration: Post-audit, you can either implement the suggestions independently or collaborate with CCB to enhance your online presence further. An audit rebate offer is available if you choose to partner with them.

Influencer Outreach Marketing

CCB offers micro influencer partnerships through our consultant Twillo Brand Influencers, which enables us to spread our client’s brand awareness and messaging to targeted audiences on social media. Twillo has developed a performance influencer marketing strategy where our clients only pay for the results of the campaign. Our clients walk away with increased brand awareness, engagement, and content to use for their company.

An old proverb shares, “Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips”. Walk in the way of an old proverb and let us partner you with a brand advocate who will sing your praises to their own niche audiences.

We have worked with over 50 reputable companies, enhancing their digital strategies, including
Hobby Lobby, Rodale Publishing,  Harvest House Publishers, Hachette Publishing, Nick Vujicic, Jon Pritikin, Hagee Ministries and Fred Jordan Missions.