How to Formulate an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing isn’t just the future; it’s the present. If you aren’t utilizing your online presence to its maximum potential, your competitors already have an edge on you. So, what is social media marketing and how do you use it to its full advantage?

Mobile Marketing

To understand what social media marketing is, we first have to discuss what it isn’t. It isn’t just putting posts on Facebook and hoping they perform well. It isn’t just boosting images of your product and hoping people will buy them or linking every post to your website and thinking it will increase traffic. Many people are using this as a “strategy” and then wondering why they aren’t receiving a return on investment.

Social media marketing is a carefully crafted science that plays off each platform’s unique algorithms and demographics to create brand awareness, making your company more memorable. It’s about consistently posting the RIGHT kind of content to increase engagement and following, while utilizing boosting and advertising in an effective way to enhance that reach and awareness which will ultimately drive sales. Everything from your messaging and creative to the structure of your posts and frequency of promotional, informational, educational, and inspirational posting plays a role in creating a brand people want to follow, engage with, and become loyal, long-term customers of.

A good social media strategy is comprised of five components:

  • Content
  • Creative
  • Engagement
  • Advertising
  • Reporting

Content creation is so important when it comes to your online presence because it expresses your brand verbally online, and this is how 90% of customers are consuming content in 2021.

Creative allows you to showcase the heart and soul of your company through visuals that really capture your brand.

Engagement is often overlooked, but this is how you connect with your customer and create a good company culture online.

Effective advertising targets your products and services to new curated audiences, while retargeting potential and existing clients.

And lastly, reporting allows you to see which of your efforts are effective and forms the basis for goal setting and strategy formation for ultimate success.

How do you achieve all this? With the right team, the right tools, the right amount of talent, and tenacity. CCB Marketing is a passionate team comprised of all four. Your brand has a story to tell—let’s partner to get the message out in the most effective way.

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