Harness The Power of the Online Course: 3 Transformative Wins For You and Your Business

You are the Student

Have you ever been drawn into watching a MasterClass commercial? They are mesmerizing. 

Who wouldn’t want to learn about songwriting from John Legend? 

Or about how to prepare radicchio from Gordon Ramsay? 

Or diplomacy from Condoleeza Rice and Madeleine Albright? 

Or how about Richard Branson teaching about disruptive entrepreneurship? 

Fun, right?

Imagine sitting down with the hero of your industry and hearing their secrets, learning first-hand about their successes and failures, and finding out all the nuggets of hard-won wisdom that they have to share. It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Having the masters at your fingertips, learning from the best, is an opportunity that most of us long for. It used to be that only a few had access to the geniuses of their day. Now, if you have a computer and good wi-fi, a whole new world of learning is at your fingertips.

Online learning has flung that door of opportunity wide open. You can take a class with the teacher of your dreams. You can sit at the feet of the latest internet guru or the most heartfelt musician. (We love you, Alicia Keys!) The online learning industry is flourishing.

In 2019, the e-learning industry had grown to $200 billion. And that was before the onset of covid and the boom of work-from-home careers. After 10 rounds of funding, Master Class has raised over $460 million and has a 1-10 billion valuation. That’s a whole lot of cash. The company doesn’t show any signs of stopping their growth. 

Is Online Teaching for You?

But here is the thing – e-learning isn’t just for the rich and famous and MasterClass. Online learning is a great way to connect with your customers. 

Have you ever thought about sharing your expertise and wisdom with an online audience? 

What does your business excel at? 

What gifts and truths do you have to share? 

What lessons do you have to teach your subscribers and followers?

If you have answered yes to these questions, an e-course should be in your future. 

Filming an online course can also be the next step in your company’s growth. People want to learn from experts that will teach them skills, inspire their growth, and transform their lives. That’s you!

When you share your expertise in an e–learning course, not only will you inspire others, you can harness that teaching energy in a unique way that unleashes 3 wins for your company. You can strengthen your brand as an expert, bolster your bottom line, and grow your online community.

Win #1: You Establish Yourself as the Expert

Have you noticed when you are at a conference or in a classroom setting that the person at the front of the room commands a certain amount of respect? Standing at the podium can establish a sense of expertise. Those sitting in the desks or theater seats come expecting to learn. 

The online podium (you and your best friend the cameraman) establishes you as an expert in your field. You have a captive audience. And a much broader audience than if you were renting out a community space or teaching at your local community college. The possibilities for your student roster goes global. 

Tens, hundreds, (maybe thousands of folk –  depending on how riveting you are), get in on what you are teaching. You are the sole provider of information that can shape their thinking and alter their lives. Whether you are an author launching a creative writing course or a functional medicine practitioner sharing how to live a life of wellness, you are the expert your audience is looking for. If you wow them with your course, they will begin recommending it to their friends. And the more you teach your students, offering them value and growth, the more friends they will share your course with.

That can impact your income…in a really good way. Thinkific found that 10-25 hour courses generate the most income from upwards of $10,000 per class. Thanks, passive income!

Win #1: You Build Out Passive Income

What is passive income, you may be asking? Investopedia says that, “Passive income is earnings from a rental property, limited partnership, or other business in which a person is not actively involved.”

Once you have filmed your course and made it available online, your work is done. You are no longer actively involved. The class is going to live online, working for you, generating income long after you have taken off your teaching togs.

Your upfront investment of putting together excellent material, telling your best stories, and dropping knowledge on your grateful students, keeps working for you. And that’s not even the best part: As your e-course continues to attract attention, garnering great reviews and loyal students, your customer list keeps growing on its own. 

We love that win, don’t we?

Win #3: You Grow Your Audience Organically

So much about business these days is spread by word of mouth, through reviews, stories, and your own social media marketing. When you have an online e-course, sharing trailers, good feedback, and course updates is a natural, organic way to grow your customer base.

You may decide to share a screenshot on Instagram or a new course trailer on YouTube. These pieces of content are very easy to share across all your social channels or in your email newsletter. (Any questions about your digital marketing campaign? Let CCB help!)

E-courses are so popular, there are actually YouTube e-courses…about how to sell e-courses. (Kind of meta, right?) 

When your students love your content, they have no problem sharing it with others. As you help them grow and achieve their potential, they will invite their friends and followers to get in on your greatness. 

Let Us Help You Become the Master

You may have a truckload of knowledge to share and a heart full of passion to help others with your expertise. But you may be thinking that you have no idea how to make that happen. 

CCB would love to help you become the master in your field. We have a group full of professionals who want to come alongside you, help you shape your content, film your video, and launch your e-course with a magnetic social marketing campaign.

We think that the world needs to hear what you have to teach. That would be a win for everyone.

To get started on your e-course journey, reach out to CCB today!